Gladiators Skyline

Los Angeles Gladiators

The Los Angeles Gladiators represent the greater L.A. area in the Overwatch League. Gladiators showed bravery and honor against the toughest of challenges, earning not only their freedom, but the respect of an entire civilization. As your new Overwatch League team, the LA Gladiators are here to be the ultimate competitor, just like all great LA sports franchises. Shields up, Gladiators!
Los Angeles, CA
Hydration - João Pedro Goes Telles
Hydration João Pedro Goes Telles
rOar - Chang-hoon Gye
rOar Chang-hoon Gye
BigG00se - Benjamin Isohanni
BigG00se Benjamin Isohanni
Decay - Gui-un Jang
Decay Gui-un Jang
Void - Jun Woo Kang
Void Jun Woo Kang
Panker - Byong Ho Lee
Panker Byong Ho Lee
Surefour - Lane Roberts
Surefour Lane Roberts
Shaz - Jonas Suovaara
Shaz Jonas Suovaara
Ripa - Riku Toivanen
Ripa Riku Toivanen
David Pei- GLA Head Coach
Head Coach David Pei
Head Coach
Tim Albanese- GLA Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach Timothy Albanese
Assistant Coach
Kevin Jeon- GLA Team Manager
Team Manager Kevin Jeon
Team Manager
Michael Moore- GLA President of Marketing
President of Marketing Michael Moore
President of Marketing
Rob Moore- GLA CEO
CEO Rob Moore
Eric Ma- GLA Co-President
Co-President Eric Ma
Charlie Lipsie- GLA Director of Esports
Director of Esports Charlie Lipsie
Director of Esports
Joy Chao
Director of Marketing Joy Chao
Director of Marketing
Riley Jamison- GLA Creative Director
Creative Director Riley Jamison
Creative Director