Presenting the Los Angeles Gladiators

We're excited to announce the name of the second LA franchise in the Overwatch League: the Los Angeles Gladiators. The team is named for the fighters of ancient Rome, who were renowned for their ferocity and power; the roaring lion and battle-hardened shield also symbolize these qualities. The lion figure echoes the logo of the LA Rams, the pro football team owned by Gladiators owners Stan and Josh Kroenke. And the team colors, purple and white, reference the royal colors of the Roman emperors, to whom the gladiators dedicated their exploits. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Gladiators and to Stan and Josh Kroenke!


For more background, check out the team’s official press release and follow @LAGladiators on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to keep up with the latest Overwatch League news on and our official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram feeds as well.